Terms & Conditions

  1. Traffic management is not included.  Work cancelled by lack of Traffic Management or Staff Working Conditions will be subject to a minimum charge.  It is the client’s responsibility to ensure that the work area is clear, including areas not be marked, but required for setting out purposes.
  2. Marking materials will not be applied to surfaces in conditions outside the manufacturers specification unless a disclaimer has been signed. As a rule, the surface needs to be clean, dry and the temperature above 5 degrees C.  Standard marking materials are only tested by manufacturers in applications with ground temperature down to 5 degrees C.  Any material failures where applications have been subjected to lower temperatures fall outside of any warranty. PLEASE NOTE DURING WINTER PERIODS WE ARE AWARE THAT CLIENTS MAY HAVE TO USE ROCKSALT TO PREVENT THE SURFACE FROM FREEZING. IF WE ARE ASKED TO LAY ON SURFACE`S THAT HAS BEEN TREATED WITH ROCKSALT WE WILL REQUIRE A DISCLAIMER TO BE SIGNED, AS WE CANNOT GUARANTEE ANY MATERIALS APPLIED TO THE TREATED SURFACE.
  3. Minimum charges will apply to cover costs of mobilisation, labour, plant and materials up to the value of the measured work at the given rates and at one site only. Separate procedures e.g. mixed hot and cold laid materials may incur separate minimum charges for safety reasons.
  4. A day rate can be provided on request based on distance, time on site, type of markings and the hourly cost of labour and plant currently starting from £1200.00.
  5. Waiting or non-productive time, Aborted Visits and Cancellation (excluding that resulting from inclement weather conditions) will be charged at the hourly cost of labour and plant and loss of productivity. Current rate is £80.00 per hour for a two-man crew and vehicle (three man £120.00).  Aborted visits due to circumstances arising from the client’s actions or inactions will be subject to a minimum charge currently starting at £500.00 (+ 30% extra for weekend working) Depending on area.  Cancellation of scheduled works less than 24 hours from planned start will also result in a minimum charge being applied. (Special rates are negotiable but unless agreed the charge will be as stated).
  6. Removal of redundant markings will be carried out by the appropriate method and the rate quoted is for a maximum thickness of materials of 3mm (in excess to be negotiated). We cannot guarantee the total obliterations of these markings on all surfaces and surface scarring will result.  Unless stated in the quotation it is assumed there is no removal.
  7. Setting out marks in non-permanent crayon will disappear naturally, and removal of such marks has not been allowed for in the rates.
  8. Force drying is not included in our rates unless otherwise stated. Where force drying is instructed the performance of the materials shall not be guaranteed and a 20% extra charge will be added.
  9. Markings to block paving, concrete, very smooth power floated or painted surface or those less than 24 months old are not suitable for the application of marking materials and cannot be guaranteed. In the case of thermoplastic, which is formulated to bond to bituminous surfaces, it is not generally possible to achieve adequate adhesion (even if tack coats are used) as a relative movement between the blocks result in the thermoplastic cracking after a short period of time.  Chlorinated rubber, acrylic or epoxy paints to road marking standards tend to wear out quickly due to the abrasive qualities of the blocks and the sand use in the gaps.  Very smooth surfaces do not provide the required mechanical bond and preparation such as blasting/etching etc may compromise the surface structure.  We would require that a disclaimer be signed before undertaking such work.
  10. Colour stability of marking materials cannot be guaranteed, as it is dependent on location and environmental conditions. Lines will become dirty when used internally and will require routine washing.
  11. When recovering markings, the resulting finish will depend on the integrity of the existing lines. Where parts of the original markings are damaged or missing a variation in thickness will result.  Consideration should be given as to overall thickness when lines are recovered as trip hazards and drainage problems may result. Works applied to existing surface markings that are failing cannot be guaranteed.
  12. Surface requiring tack coat will be subject to an increase of 20% unless otherwise stated.
  13. Paint will be applied by airless spray machine unless otherwise stated. Clients should be aware that the finished line whilst adequate for most applications do not have edge lines as crisp as when the lines are masked.  Hand finished appearance can be achieved at extra cost.
  14. The performance and durability of paint and paint-based surface treatments cannot be guaranteed, as this is dependent on surface type, conditions and the wear to which it is subjected.
  15. Out of hours work or weekend will incur an extra charge unless otherwise stated.
  16. The rates quoted are based on the quantities given and the price will be subject to a final measure. Any substantial reduction in quantities may require an adjustment to be negotiated.
  17. Coverage Rates for application of resins to bituminous surfaces are dependent on texture and age. Bitumen bleed will be problematic on surfaces less than 28 days old.  Rates may vary considerably from those quoted if instructed to lay on new surfaces and a sample will be applied to determine coverage.
  18. Lines that meet kerb edge will fall short because of machine laying, to extend by hand on request only at extra cost.
  19. Coloured surfaces will be charged inclusive of masked areas where materials have to be naturally wasted.
  20. Responsibility for Defects will only be acknowledged for defects in materials and/or workmanship which arise after completion of works.
  21. The Client shall be responsible for setting out the works, or for overseeing and confirming the correct setting out of works by our personnel. Any errors in setting out shall subsequently be the responsibility of the client.
  22. Jobs can only be accepted with a confirmed purchase order showing job costing and purchase order number.
  23. All prices quoted are valid for 30 days or until earlier acceptance by the customer.
  24. Payment terms for new customers: - Immediate payment by cheque or BACS.
  25. Payment terms for existing customers: - 30 days from date of invoice.
  26. Retention - We do not accept any retentions on jobs below the value of £3000.00
  27. Main contractor discount at 5% is applied to all main contractor’s quotes.